Expert Advisor & Automated Trading Solutions

High frequency trading is defined as the execution of computerized trading strategies characterized by extremely short holding periods. Programs running on high-speed computers are analyzing market data constantly to find favorable trading opportunities. High frequency trading now accounts for over 70% of all equity trades taking place in the U.S.A. This popular trend is also taking place in the foreign exchange market through the use of “expert advisers.”

Expert Advisors (EA’s) are automated trading strategies written specifically for the MetaTrader Platform. EA’s can advise traders when a setup is occurring or it can be programmed to automatically execute the trades in a live trading account.

In our experience some traders have problems trading because they let their emotions driven by fear and greed interfere with their decision making process. EA’s are a very useful trading tool as they remove the emotion from trading by ignoring all outside influences and simply executing the pre-determined strategy.

FXVIP Service has many EA solutions for your trading needs. If you have a trading strategy in mind we work with full time EA programmers who can automate your strategy for you confidentially. If you are interested in using others trader’s existing and proven EA’s we work with signal providers who have a full library of EA’s to select from. Lastly, there are some brokers that provide EA’s complimentary to traders for simply being a customer of their brokerage.

Please contact us to discuss in greater detail the benefits of each of these EA solutions.