Rebate Trading

Are you interested in earning rebates from your trading volume regardless of your success on individual trades?  FX VIP Service is an introducing broker that is compensated with a percentage of the spread the broker earns when you place a trade  Different brokers offer us various incentives to introduce clients to them and when you trade we are able to rebate a portion of this commission back to you. Rebate trading is essential for any trader looking for an edge and just one of the many benefits of signing up for a live trading account through FX VIP Service.

Rebate Trading FAQ’s:

Can I get rebates on brokers that are not listed?

This may be possible, contact us with the specific broker and situation you have in mind and we can go over your options.

Can I get cash back on a broker I already have an account with?

Many times this is possible depending on how long your account has been opened with the broker.  Contact us for more information.

Do I get rebates for profitable and losing trades?

Yes, you will get a volume rebate regardless of whether your trades made money or not.

Do my spreads increase if I open an account through you?

No.  Most brokers pay a small commission whether it’s to their sales team or an external IB.  You will be paying a commission/spread regardless.  We establish volume relationships with brokers and negotiate spreads.  As incentive to our clients we offer a rebate from our earned commissions based on the volume you trade.